Episode 20: Should I Perform an Annual Service?

The Williford Brothers
Episode 20: Should I Perform an Annual Service?

This episode is not just for laundromat owners, but for all stakeholders of a team in business. Whether you are a business owner, manager, or an employee, this episode is full of insights that will help you conduct annual service and performance evaluations effectively.

The Williford Brothers, Luke and Lee, are third-generation owner-operators of one of America's most successful laundry chains, The Wash House Laundromats. They are widely regarded as the foremost experts on how to plan, build out, and profitably run a laundromat. The Williford Brothers regularly consult investors and laundromat owners across the country on best practices, saving each of their clients hundreds of thousands of dollars per acquisition.

Luke and Lee are Christians whose goal is to offer faith-inspired insights into life, leadership, and laundromats. They believe that a business should be more than just a money-making venture but an opportunity to serve the community and provide a valuable service.