Episode 11: How to Share Jesus as a Business Owner?

The Williford Brothers
Episode 11: How to Share Jesus as a Business Owner?

In this exciting episode, the Williford Brothers sit down with a special guest, The Bishop of Barbecue, to discuss how you can share your faith with your customers. As third-generation owner-operators of one of America's most successful laundry chains, The Wash House Laundromats, the Williford Brothers are widely regarded as the foremost experts on how to plan, build out and then profitably run a laundromat. They regularly consult with investors and laundromat owners across the country, providing valuable insights and best practices that can save their clients hundreds of thousands of dollars per acquisition.  As Christians, Luke and Lee are passionate about inspiring others with faith-inspired insights into life, leadership, and laundromats. With the help of The Bishop of Barbecue, they explore creative ways to connect with customers and share the love of Jesus. 

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